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Seongnam City Libraryries
are the forums that are encouriging
our dream With books.
We sincerely welcome you for visiting the Seongnam City Libraries' website.
Seongnam City Libraries are the forums that are encouriging your dream with books.

Since the opening of Bundang Public Library in October 1999, a total of 12 public libraries including Jungwon Library, Sujeong Library, Central Library, and 120 small libraries have opened up. These libraries, housing 2.1 million books and 87,000 non-book materials, serve as a comfortable study place for their citizens, and are trying to be more open so that anyone can comfortably enjoy what these libraries can offer.

We will do our best to become a premium library that can help improve citizens’ knowledge levels and can meet cultural needs in the 21st century, knowledge-information society by providing informational materials, reading and cultural events, and promoting lifelong education.

We ask your continued support and love.

Thank you.

President of the Seongnam Lifelong Education Center