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Information on borrowing books

이용대상, 대출방법, 대출권수, 대출기간, 반납연기(대출연장), 대출제한에 대한 안내 표
Category Contents
  • Seongnam city library member certificate holder
How to borrow
  • Present your membership card
    • You cannot borrow book by someone else's membership card.
    • You can borrow books by your own card; family member cannot borrow books for you.
    • You cannot return a book and borrow the book on the same day and your family member may not borrow the book instead of you.
The number of books you can borrow
  • 6 books per visit; provided, however, 8 books are allowed for families with more than 3 children and 10 books for preschoolers.
  • Two DVDs per visit (only for junior high school students and older)
Period of borrowing
  • For 14 days per borrowing
  • 7 days in case of a DVD (no extension)
(Extension of borrowing)
  • Extension period: You may extend your borrowing period for seven days twice (except in case of overdue or reserved book)
  • How to extend your borrowing period: Log into the website and then go to my study → information on how to use this library → borrowing status to extend your period (extendable from 3 days before the due date)
Limit on borrowing
  • You must bring a membership card for borrowing books (except for reference books and serials)

Return policy

도서반납, 타관반납에 대한 안내 표
Category Contents
Returning books
  • During library hours: Return to library room
  • Not during library hours: Return to the un-manned book returning machine

Pursuant to Article 14-2 (restrictions on those in arrears), you may not borrow books for a certain period of time if you are overdue; this will be lifted when you pay a fine.

Return to another library
  • If you borrow a book from a library subject to the Seongnam City Inter-borrowing Convention, you may return your book to the Central Library.
  • In case that you may not return a book to another library: If you borrow a book with accompanying materials such as CDs or tapes.

Book reservation guide

도서예약, 예약방법에 대한 안내 표
Category Contents
Book reservation
  • You may reserve a book that is being borrowed by someone else.
  • We will inform you by SMS (text message) if the book you have reserved is returned.
  • You should borrow the book within 3 days from the date of its arrival.
How to reserve your book
  • Log into the website
  • Check the status of the book (that is being borrowed) after searching the book
  • Apply book reservation by pressing the button

Overdue / Borrowing restriction guide

연체기준, 제재방법에 대한 안내 표
Category Contents
Definition of overdue
  • If you return your book beyond the due date
How to restrict
  • Restrict borrowing according to the number of delinquent days
    • . Restrict borrowing by the sum of overdue days for each overdue book.
    • . E.g.: If you delay returning four books for three days, you cannot borrow any more books for 12 days.
  • Payment of arrears in accordance with the number of days overdue
    • . 100 won per a day of delay per one book
    • . E.g.: If you delay returning four books for three days, you have to pay 1,200 won to borrow any more books.
  • You can either choose to pay fines or wait out your restriction period.